$130/month; Military/Law Enforcement/Firefighter (25% discount)


CrossFit: Constantly varied high intensity functional movements. These classes are designed to increase fitness capacity reguardless of your current fitness level. These WODs (Workout Of the Day) will include weight lifting, olympic lifting, gymnastics, and monostructional (cardio) movements mixed into different combinations and varying reps and times.   

Think you "can't" do CrossFit? Yes - you can! CrossFit is infinitely scale-able. We can tailor ANY CrossFit WOD to meet your needs. Come check us out!

Open Gym

Can't make it to classes or prefer to do your own workout? We have space available for you. More about Open Gym schedule, etc. HERE. You are welcome to join any scheduled class WOD for a $10 drop-in fee. 


Personal Training and Small Group Classes
Cost varies dependent on need, Contact Coach Heather Smith or Coach Laura Harrell for more information.
Coaches are available to create workouts personalized for you.
Drop-In Visitor
$15 per visit

CFAMM welcomes drop-ins to any class. To help ensure we get you taken care of when you arrive, message us on Facebook to let us know you are coming.